Fanuc 21i 210i CNC Controls

FANUC 21i parts Model A (21i-MA 21i-TA) or Fanuc 21i parts Model B (21i-MB 21i-TB) / Fanuc 210i parts (210i-MA 210i-TA) (Open CNC Computer) are series of Ultra-Compact, Ultra-Thin CNC integrated LCD and network features, for versatile machine tools including lathe, machining center, compound machine with milling and turning ability, gear finishing machine and so on. Integrated FANUC 21i CNC with LCD Display (7.2" / 8.4" / 9.5" / 10.4", 12.1" LCD), including all the small Fanuc P.C.B (Fanuc graphic card, Fanuc Axes Servo card, Fanuc CPU Pentium Card, From module, Dram Module, Spare parts, Fanuc 21i monitors and also the Inverter for the Fanuc LCD monitor) Reduction of Cable by Ultra-high-speed Serial Data Transfer. 

Easy handling begins with preparation of the machine. A single screen enables convenient setting of the parameters for machining, depending on the relevant machine configuration. For workpiece setup, a selected screen provides simple instructions, according to which, the user can calibrate the measuring sensor and then measure the position, surfaces, angle, etc, on the part. Ready to repair your CNC Machine-Tools fitted with Fanuc 21i Controller.

Fanuc 21i PERIODIC Maintenance Spare parts : FANS, BATTERIES, BACKLIGHT, LCD.
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<b>Fanuc 21i & Fanuc 210i type</b> : Fanuc A02B-0247-B501, A02B-0247-B611, A02B-0247-B621, A02B-0247-B531, A02B-0247-B541, A02B-0247-B511, A02B-0247-B801, A02B-0247-B811, A02B-0247-B821, A02B-0247-B831, A02B-0247-B841, A02B-0247-B851, A02B-0247-B551, A02B-0247-B561, A02B-0247-B571, A02B-0247-B651, A02B-0247-B661, A02B-0247-B671, A02B-0247-B751, A02B-0247-B761, A02B-0247-B771, Fanuc 210is : Fanuc A02B-0271-B501, A02B-0271-B511, Fanuc A02B-0247-B502, A02B-0247-B612, A02B-0247-B622, A02B-0247-B532, A02B-0247-B542, A02B-0247-B512, A02B-0247-B802, A02B-0247-B812, A02B-0247-B822, A02B-0247-B832, A02B-0247-B842, A02B-0247-B852, A02B-0247-B862, A02B-0247-B572, A02B-0247-B652, A02B-0247-B662, A02B-0247-B672, A02B-0247-B752, A02B-0247-B762, A02B-0247-B772, Fanuc A02B-0247-B505, A02B-0247-B615, A02B-0247-B624, A02B-0247-B535, A02B-0247-B545, A02B-0247-B515, A02B-0247-B525, A02B-0247-B805, A02B-0247-B815, A02B-0247-B825, A02B-0247-B835, A02B-0247-B845, A02B-0247-B855, A02B-0247-B555, A02B-0247-B565, A02B-0247-B575, A02B-0247-B655, A02B-0247-B665, A02B-0247-B675, A02B-0247-B755, A02B-0247-B765, A02B-0247-B775, Fanuc A02B-0247-B506, A02B-0247-B616, A02B-0247-B625, A02B-0247-B536, A02B-0247-B546, A02B-0247-B516, A02B-0247-B526, A02B-0247-B806, A02B-0247-B816, A02B-0247-B826, A02B-0247-B836, A02B-0247-B846, A02B-0247-B856, A02B-0247-B555, A02B-0247-B566, A02B-0247-B576, A02B-0247-B656, A02B-0247-B666, A02B-0247-B676, A02B-0247-B756, A02B-0247-B766, A02B-0247-B776<div><br></div><div><b>CNC Fanuc Series 210is type</b> : Fanuc A02B-0271-B501, A02B-0271-B511, A02B-0271-B502, A02B-0271-B512, A02B-0271-B505, A02B-0271-B506</div>
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